Inland Container Depots (ICDs)

During his hands-on tour at Kibasila Chang'ombe Farion ICD, Dr Mwakyembe asked TPA to stop holding up vehicles for long periods of time after they are cleared from containers at the port and instead give priority to ICDs.

He said that the aim of setting up the inland ports was to reduce congestion at the main Dar es Salaam port of cargo being stored at the port including vehicles. "When the containers come in, ensure you involve inland ports," he said.

Farion Trading Limited is the First Car Freight station in Tanzania with Inland Container Depot, which is effectively a dry port facility to clear vehicles and goods of imports received in containers by sea to Dar es Salaam harbour. These containers or vehicles arrive by road and are custom bonded by the custodians i.e. M/s. Farion Trading Limited. The ICD started functioning at Chang’ombe, Dar es Salaam with effect from 2006. This has also helped smaller importers/exporters who deal with cargo that is not sufficient for a full container load, as the ICD is permitted to do de-stuffing and re-stuffing of containers in its care.

The ICD extends over an area of 8 acres of which 30,000 Sq metres is fully protected and allotted for stacking of International Containers. This ICD is capable of handling 50,000 TEUs (Twenty feet Equivalent Units) per annum. This ICD also has sophisticated handling equipment like top lift trucks, terminals, tractors and forklifts, for complete smooth operations. Three inland container depot , Two Car freight stations and One ICD