LP Gas

Tanzania, with its liberalized petroleum products market, consistent growth in GDP and positive environment for investment, provides some of the foundations for LPG market growth. The LP Gas Committee commissioned an independent study into the environmental benefits which are expected through use of LPG in April, 2002. Results revealed that a target consumption of 3½ kg per capita should be achievable and lead to a total market of 100,000 tonnes per annum within 10 years if conditions can be created to encourage use of LP Gas as a substitute for biomass.

LPG Volume Growth

Amsons Group intend to market the CamGas brand of cooking gas. We want to sell CamGas to our retail customers through our Service Stations and selected dealers including supermarkets in small, medium and large cylinders. In addition, we want to supply CamGas in bulk to our commercial and industrial customers in all the countries where we operate.

Africa suffers from an acute shortage of fuel for cooking and this addition to the households across Africa will hopefully help go some way to alleviate the destruction of our forests for charcoal production.

Our commercial customers across the country and region will be supplied using large trucks (bullets) and will include leading manufacturing companies, top hotel chains, and learning institutions including schools and universities.

CamGas wants to rapidly grow in Tanzania and we want to be the fastest growing brand of cooking gas in East and Central African markets due to our competitive pricing and focus on product safety.

To enable us to meet the growing market of CamGas, we have already set up a modern high capacity CamGas filling and storage plant in Kurasini, Dar es salaam, Tanzania.

As a company reputed for excellent customer service, we will offer home delivery service to some of our retail clients in a few of our markets.