Our Vision

There is an escalating demand for Petroleum products, cement and LPG in the world markets and for Tanzania to keep pace with this growth, the country will need to develop its infrastructure, transport links (both road & rail), as well as industrial and agricultural bases in the near future. One of the best ways to achieve this is to establish efficient distribution and marketing channels, which is where Amsons Group sees excellent investment opportunities for the future and believes it will be able to grow in the Tanzanian market and neighbouring countries.

Since the foundation of Amsons Group, our people have been our priority and as we grow, so must our loyal and efficient staff. The group has an 'open door' policy for its staff to recommend and suggest ways for the company to grow and improve and by taking care of individuals as well as the team, the group maintains a friendly, relaxed and productive atmosphere.

Whilst we grow and expand we are also aware of those around us who are less fortunate and through our strong sense of Corporate Social Responsibility, (CSR) we hope to "add back" to the communities in which we operate.